Visual Pak, a US-based group of interdependent contract packaging service providers, has announced the acquisition of two businesses that will help expand its service throughout the US.

The first deal involves contract packaging firm Cosmetic Labs of America (CLA), which Visual Pak purchased from Unilever, and is a producer of formulas and packages for personal care and the cosmetic industries. According to Visual Pak, combining the company’s vertically integrated packaging service offering with CLA’s product development and custom packaging services will have an immediate as well as long-term benefit to customer’s growth plans. Under the American Blending & Filling name (ABF), CLA will work with the three other Visual Pak blending and filling plants in the Waukegan area in Illinois.

Visual Pak’s second acquisition involves the facility and equipment assets of Hexagon Packaging, which specialises in consumer and industrial cleaning products, chemical processing, as well as filling services. The acquisition of Hexagon will be operated and managed by ABF. The acquired company offers services such as shrink wrapping, blister packaging, assembly and labelling.

The acquisitions are expected to enhance Visual Pak’s product offering and global footprint. The company can now expand its liquid packaging services offering and get immediate opportunities to produce new cleaning products of all types with both current and prospective customers.

ABF currently produces liquid, cream and gel products for the household, as well as health and beauty markets. It also offers filling products into tubes, in addition to bottles, jars and other package types.

Visual Pak provides liquid blending and filling, contract manufacturing, contract packaging, thermoforming, paperboard printing/converting, labelling, assembly, steam/heat shrink, nationwide distribution, warehousing fulfillment and complete turnkey logistics services.