Walmart, the largest retailer in the US, has announced plans to introduce changes aimed at reducing waste and promoting sustainability across its business operations.

The company will implement three key initiatives: replacing plastic mailers with recyclable paper ones, adopting made-to-fit technology in its fulfilment centres to optimise packaging and allowing customers to forgo plastic bags for curbside pickup orders.

Swapping plastic mailers for recyclable paper ones

Walmart intends to eliminate plastic waste by replacing plastic mailers with paper ones that can be recycled curbside.

This change aims to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging and contribute to a more sustainable future. The transition is expected to eliminate over 2,000t of plastic from circulation in the US by January.

Implementing made-to-fit technology for efficient packaging

Walmart will introduce made-to-fit technology in approximately half of its fulfilment centres to minimise material usage and increase transportation efficiency.

This technology allows for tailored packaging, reducing the need for excess material and enabling more boxes to fit on each truckload. The adoption of made-to-fit technology streamlines the packaging process and reduces labour requirements.

Customer choice: skipping plastic bags for curbside pickup

As part of its sustainability initiatives, Walmart will offer customers the option to skip plastic bags when picking up their orders through curbside pickup.

By providing this choice, the company aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags and promote environmentally friendly alternatives. This move caters to customers who prioritise sustainability and addresses the issue of accumulating plastic bags at home.