Walmart announced its plans to establish its first owned and operated case-ready beef packaging facility, set to open in 2025. The ground-breaking for the new facility is scheduled to take place later this year in Olathe, Kansas.

This significant milestone reflects Walmart’s continuous efforts to build a more resilient supply chain and find innovative ways to enhance access to high-quality Angus beef for its customers.

Moreover, the establishment of this facility will offer improved visibility into Walmart’s supply chain, thereby bolstering its capacity to meet the demand for superior beef. Furthermore, this initiative will contribute to the local economy by creating more than 600 job opportunities for the Olathe community.

Strengthening supply chain and enhancing transparency

In 2019, Walmart initially announced its ambitious plan to develop an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef, aimed at providing customers with a wider range of high-quality meat options.

To realise this goal, the company has implemented various strategies, including last year’s equity investment in Sustainable Beef. The upcoming facility in Olathe will play a crucial role in packaging and distributing select Angus cuts from Sustainable Beef, located in North Platte, Nebraska, to Walmart stores across the Midwest.

The evolving landscape of the food supply chain has prompted technological advancements that continue to reshape the industry. Walmart’s innovative case-ready beef facility not only strengthens its commitment to quality but also reinforces Kansas’ position as one of the nation’s top food and agriculture states, as emphasised by Kansas Governor Laura Kelly.

Company suppliers ensure high-quality product delivery

Walmart recognises the changing preferences of customers in their food shopping experience, with a growing demand for transparency in the supply chain.

In collaboration with its suppliers, the company will continue to ensure the delivery of high-quality products while increasing transparency, resilience and capacity throughout the supply process.

By establishing the case-ready beef facility in Olathe, Kansas, Walmart takes a significant step forward in creating an end-to-end Angus beef supply chain, providing its customers with access to the premium meats they expect at the everyday low prices they rely on.