Label company Western Shield has enhanced its operation with the addition of digital printing solution provider Nilpeter’s new press.

The new Nilpeter FA-17 solution, installed at Western Shield’s facility in Los Angeles, California, US, will now allow Western Shield to prioritise on long-run prime, pressure-sensitive labels and speciality labels.

The company installed the new FA-17 in the spring of 2020.

Western Shield marketing director Dan Stadler said: “The logic behind the purchase was quite simply, that the FA-Line has advanced technology that allows us to run faster and reduce waste.

“The additional width, this being our first 17in press in the Los Angeles facility, was a factor as well.

“Lastly, we are using the FA-Line’s capabilities as a means to enter the flexible packaging space.”

Nilpeter’s FA-Line features an intuitive user interface and fully mobile print controls.

FA enhances the performance of press with value-adding units, application and automation packages depending on application requirement and budget.

For the company, this is their second Nilpeter press after purchasing FB-Line. The company is planning to enhance capacity and capabilities across its five locations.

Western Shield procurement director Mike Ornelas said: “We had acquired a large new account that required us to substantially increase our capacity.

“We were pleased with the speed and registration of the FB-Line, and wanted to improve set-up times, and reduce waste.

“The FB-Line, which we use for long-run jobs particularly focused on the beverage segment, was and has been an excellent fit for us all around.”