In a bid to tackle consumer confusion over product labelling, the Windsor Framework has announced a set of comprehensive rules that will bring clarity to the European Union (EU) market.

The new guidelines aim to streamline and standardise product information, ensuring consumers can make well-informed choices when purchasing goods.

Key changes to product labelling guidelines under the Windsor Framework

Under the Windsor Framework, several significant changes will be implemented in the EU’s product labelling regulations.

These changes include:

Unified format: The framework introduces a unified format for product labels across various categories. This standardisation will make it easier for consumers to compare information across different products such as nutritional values, ingredient lists and allergen warnings.

Clearer allergen labelling: The Windsor Framework mandates clearer and more prominent allergen labelling on packaging to address the rising concerns over allergens. Manufacturers will be required to highlight allergens in a standardised manner, ensuring that consumers with specific dietary requirements can easily identify potential risks.

Simplified nutritional information: The new guidelines aim to simplify nutritional information on product labels. Instead of complex tables, manufacturers will be encouraged to use more intuitive formats such as traffic light systems or simple icons, to indicate the product’s nutritional content. This change intends to make it easier for consumers to understand the nutritional value of their purchased items.

Enhanced sustainability claims: With growing environmental consciousness, the Windsor Framework emphasises the need for transparent and accurate sustainability claims on product labels. Manufacturers will be required to substantiate their claims with reliable evidence, ensuring that consumers can make informed choices based on credible information regarding the product’s environmental impact.

The new rules address consumer confusion over product labels

The introduction of the Windsor Framework’s new product labelling rules marks a significant step towards improving consumer awareness and understanding.

By standardising product information and addressing key concerns such as allergen labelling, nutritional information and sustainability claims, the framework aims to empower consumers to make well-informed decisions while shopping in the EU market.

The guidelines are expected to benefit consumers and businesses, fostering a more transparent and trustworthy marketplace.