US-based compostable product provider World Centric has added 17 foodservice items to its biobased NoTree packaging line.

The expanded line includes various categories of folded takeout boxes with bio-based linings, takeout boxes with bio-based linings and polylactic acid (PLA) plant-based plastic windows, wide bowl paper lids, wide bowls, portion cups, fry cups and sandwich wedges.

Made of renewable plant fibres such as bamboo and sugarcane, the products come with bio-based moisture barrier linings instead of petroleum plastic.

They can withstand heat lamps and can be heated in ovens.

The NoTree items are currently available across North America.

World Centric sales senior vice-president Mark Stephany said: “We created the NoTree line with the goal of removing environmentally harmful materials from disposable foodservice ware to help benefit people and our planet.

“Most kraft and bleached white wood fibre paper takeout containers use petroleum-based coatings to make the containers leakproof, and this renders the containers difficult to recycle.

“We are thrilled to provide foodservice operators with sustainable alternatives that perform as well as, or even better than, the products they are replacing.”

The NoTree collection is developed to meet foodservice operators’ requirements.

In addition to being fully compostable in commercial composting facilities, NoTree products’ bio-based linings offer a moisture barrier designed to avoid any leakage when storing foods.

Mr Stephany said: “It’s vital that we protect our forests, which is why using paper made from renewable plant fibres instead of fibre from trees is so important.

“This not only reduces the environmental impact of cutting trees for paper packaging, but also protects the Indigenous communities and the wildlife that rely on them.

“Using these biobased materials is also less carbon-intensive [as] NoTree products produce [fewer] carbon emissions during manufacturing compared to traditional wood paper and petroleum plastic packaging.”