In a recent report by WRAP, concerns have been raised regarding the ambitious reuse milestones set by members of the UK Plastics Pact.

WRAP is the Wrap Recycling Action Programme, a broad-based effort to boost the recycling of PE plastic bags, wraps and film. It broadens plastic recycling and prevents billions of pounds of plastic from going to waste across the nation.

The report, which stems from a series of roundtable discussions within the reusable packaging industry in 2022, suggests that these targets are unlikely to be achieved by all retailers and brands within the Pact.

Challenges ahead for plastics pact members

The UK Plastics Pact unites businesses, governments and NGOs to combat plastic waste. Its members aim to recycle plastics, reduce problematic packaging, promote innovation and strengthen recycling in the UK.

Their goal is to make plastic packaging easy to recycle and maintain consistent recycling with government support.

The UK Plastics Pact is also a collaborative effort by retailers and brands to combat plastic waste, which has outlined a series of reuse milestones to be reached by 2025.

However, the WRAP report indicates that achieving these targets may be more challenging than initially anticipated.

WRAP report highlights uncertainty

The report, based on insights from industry roundtables, underscores the uncertainty surrounding the feasibility of these reuse goals. It reveals that a significant number of retailers and brands within the plastics.

Pact are facing obstacles in their efforts to meet these milestones, casting doubt on the collective ability to reach these sustainability objectives.

Call for swift action

As the clock ticks towards the 2025 deadline, the findings from the WRAP report serve as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action within the reusable packaging industry.

Stakeholders are now faced with the task of reassessing their strategies and accelerating efforts to address the challenges that lie ahead in meeting the Plastics Pact’s reuse goals.