Turkish converting company Yilpar has selected two BOBST gravure printing presses to expand its flexible packaging operations. 

The company has commissioned BOBST’s 9-color RS 6003 earlier this year.

Yilpar also completed the installation of a 9-color RS 5003 at its production facility at Kemalpaşa, in Izmir province, Turkey during the summer.

The installation of the two BOBST gravure presses is part of Yilpar strategic plan. 

The company expects the investments to boost its profitability and expedite its target to increase export rate.

It also aims to be become one of the flexible packaging companies in Turkey within the next five years.

The highly flexible platform, RS 6003, is designed to handle a wide range of substrates, ink types and job lengths to meet broad spectrum of diverse production requirements and applications.

The easy to operate platform is claimed to offer better performance on various flexible materials for the efficient production of short, medium and long runs of food, beverages and other application.

Equipped with BOBST’s solutions for sustainable operation, RS 5003 reduces waste for water-based or solvent-based ink printing applications.

In addition to gravure printing presses, the company’s production plant also houses flexo printing capabilities, laminating and hotmelt lacquering lines, slitting machines and bag making equipment.

Yilpar CEO Altug Yilancioglu said: “We are working to reach Europeans standard by reducing carbon emissions thanks to our solvent recovery facility, solar energy installation. And add production of MDOPE and recyclable films by 2025.

“We need to ensure that our equipment can handle the new functional materials that are entering the market to replace non-recyclable multi-materials laminates.

“BOBST is very advanced in this field where he can offer solutions that have been tested at every stage of the end-to-end production cycle. This makes us confident that our gravure presses will be able to handle efficiently and qualitatively the MDOPE and recyclable films that we are planning to print in the future.”

9-color BOBST MASTER RS 6003 at Yilpar. Credit: © BOBST.


Image: https://www.bobst.com/fileadmin/processed/a/f/csm_BOBST_YILPAR_foto-3_68238cd15b.jpg