HQ counters are modular based high-performance product counting machines that guarantee absolute accuracy by the use of servo controlled memory flaps, silent operation, minimum down-times and require close to no maintenance. The HQ design is based on the experience and all the expertise that Cremer has gained over the years through pioneering innovation and by having the privilege of working for some of the world’s leading brands in the confectionery, consumer goods and pharmaceutical sector. This has led to an exceptionally fast, reliable and versatile counting system that is able to flawlessly count almost any kind of product, provided that the products are separable through vibration.

HQ counters can operate in a stand-alone setup for manual filling of bags and boxes but can be placed on top of any packaging or cartoning machine as well.

HQ counters are also the heart of complete secondary packaging lines. They are specifically designed for in-line placement over a bucket conveyor, which allows you to produce any conceivable mix of products or flavors.

HQ product counting systems are perfectly suited for 24/7 operation in a wide range of applications. Easy-to-clean designs make them perfectly suited for counting both food and non-food products.

Proven low-maintenance, maximum uptime, silent operation and the highest safety standards are key features of these high standard counting machines that have found their way to many of world’s largest confectionery and consumer goods companies.

The HQ series includes several models for different output capacities. Depending on the type of product and desired output, all HQ models can be delivered as standard machines or be designed for custom applications.

Benefits of the HQ Series

  • Compatible with all industrial packaging and cartoning equipment
  • Modular-based design for scalable performance
  • Low maintenance and no tools required
  • 24/7 operation and minimum down-time
  • Servo driven for silent operation and minimal wear
  • No supply of compressed air required

Technical data