The highest priority of Jongerius Hanco is to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

Jongerius Hanco works closely with their customers during the purchasing phase to ensure the to-be-purchased machine fit the customers’ needs perfectly. Moreover, Jongerius Hanco strives to support their customers after the machines have been purchased and delivered.

For this purpose Jongerius Hanco offers installation and commissioning at the production site of their customers as well as training.

Highly trained Jongerius Hanco engineers visit the customers to install the purchased machine(s), not leaving until everything is to the satisfaction of the customer. During their presence, the Jongerius Hanco engineers are able to give training to the personnel selected to work with the Jongerius Hanco machines as well.

This training teaches the staff to correctly operate the machine, to know if, when and how to change parts and how to clean and maintain the machines in a correct manner.

If questions arise after the departure of the engineers, the customer can contact the Jongerius Hanco Aftersales department.

They are available for any required help, be it maintenance questions, operating questions or the ordering of spare parts (i.e.), and work hard to handle any inquiry as fast as possible.