Counting and dispensing the right number of products in a package certainly isn’t everyone’s solution. When a certain number of products need to be packed in a very specific way or in a specific order, then robotic pick-and-place arms will probably provide the required means.

Due to many years of experience with piece-by-piece separation of all sorts of bulk product, Cremer has developed a small, but very practical and versatile vibratory system for unscrambling, separating, singulating, aligning and orienting all sorts of products; either wrapped or unwrapped.

For any pick and place system it is essential that the product is presented on a flat conveyor belt with sufficient space surrounding each individual product. Often products need to be correctly aligned and oriented in order for the pick-up arm to grab the product. Products that are not properly presented will be neglected and considered as waste.

The key for achieving optimal product separation and precise alignment is the intricate V- or U-shape of the vibrating plates and their contact surface. The electromechanical drive system to which the vibratory plates are mounted and also refined adjustment for optimal product transport and separation are other very important factors.

CREMER Product Unscramblers offers great versatility and can be customised in many different ways, with the intention to deliver the perfect product separation system for pick and place robots.