robotic product collator

Propack’s LJ-TRT automated product collator and carton-loading system is an advanced technological solution that has been specially developed to load the output from medium and high speed industrial wrapping machines quickly and accurately.

The LJ-TRT Dual will accurately collate your product and load into cartons, trays or multipacks.

Depending on your product’s characteristics, the LJ-TRT carton loader can operate at speeds up to 900 products per minute.

Experience the benefits of the LJ-TRT carton loader

  • Easy operation via simple operator interface
  • Increased uptime
  • Quick, repeatable size changeovers
  • Sanitary design
  • Flexible design accommodates various package sizes
  • Low operating costs

Your LJ-TRT carton loader is loaded with features

  • Speeds up to 900 incoming cartons per minute and 85 cartons per minute output
  • Triple Turbo-Train product bucket conveyors for high-speed, precise collation
  • Servo-driven, lug-less Carton Management System for precise carton positioning
  • Quick and easy, recipe-driven changeovers
  • Rugged, sanitary frame design
  • Simple integration with most flow-wrappers
  • Quick, no-tool changeover for product buckets
  • Quick, no-tool changeover for carton size adjustment
  • Cantilever-designed infeed conveyor for ease of belt removal
  • Product spacing reject system removes double packs
  • ABB IRB360 Flexpicker Robot with IRC5 controller
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC with Kinetix 6000 Sercos servo drives and motors with A-B PanelView Plus 1500 HMI
  • Small footprint: 118in x 60in (2,997mm x 1,524mm)