Multi-channel TI counters can count almost any kind of food or non-food product, as long as the products are well separable. From hardware and soap tablets to pre-wrapped candy and bread rolls, the TI counters have proven themselves many times over to be the most versatile yet budget friendly counter on the market today.

The cost effective TI counter is available in many different models and configurations for all output needs; with single or dual timing hoppers for increased output, variable number of counting channels for specific output.

The standard model can be equipped with an additional set of vibratory plates for better product separation or a second ‘memory flap’ unit for discharging relatively small quantities with even higher speeds.

The counter can also be equipped with a reject chute for ejecting faulty counts. This guarantees that only 100% accurate counts are packed. All product contact parts are made of food grade materials and are easy to clean. This makes the TI counters suited for counting both food and non-food, pre-packed and non-pre-packed products.

Technical Data