Anduro will shift its operations to the new facility in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Credit: Anduro Manufacturing.
Anduro’s operations are located close to Puerto Cortes, the largest port in Central America. Credit: Anduro Manufacturing.
The foundation stone laying ceremony for Anduro’s new manufacturing site took place in July 2022. Credit: Anduro Manufacturing.

Anduro Manufacturing (Anduro), a woven polypropylene bags producer based in the US, is constructing a new packaging manufacturing facility in Honduras.

The company will relocate its production operations to the new facility from the existing packaging facility in Honduras, which was opened in 2009.

The existing facility does not support the planned expansion and, as a result, the company decided to relocate to the new, expanded facility.

The new facility is expected to expand Anduro’s footprint and capabilities in the country. It will allow the company to meet the growing demand for polywoven bags and other products.

The site has a seven-year lease with options for expansion. It also provides scope for further expansion of the manufacturing capacity.

The foundation stone for the new packaging plant was laid during a ceremony in July 2022. Anduro aims to finish the construction between July and August 2023 and complete the transition of operations to the new location between October and November 2023.

Location details

Anduro’s new manufacturing facility is being built within Zip San Jose commercial park in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Zip San Jose commercial park is a free zone, which will provide tax-free benefits to Anduro.

The company chose Honduras due to the availability of a talented labour pool, proximity to the US, and favourable logistics.

Puerto Cortes, the largest port in Central America, is just a few minutes away from the Anduro facility.

Anduro Manufacturing’s new facility details

The existing manufacturing site will continue production even during the construction of the new plant to continue the supply of its products to customers without any interruption.

Anduro plans to more than double its footprint in Honduras. It will increase the vertical integration of some services and double the production capacity of woven polypropylene bags.

The new facility will also enable the expansion of Anduro’s flexible packaging solutions, increasing the manufacturing capacity for pouches and roll stock by about 50 million.

The plant will be installed with advanced ten-colour flexographic printing, pouch manufacturing capabilities, and increased lamination capacity.

It will add 50% more pinch-pinch manufacturing process capacity and 50% more sewn open mouth and pinch/flush manufacturing process capacity.

Features of Anduro bags

Anduro’s bags are designed to reduce waste and perform well on filling equipment. In addition, they need less storage space due to the lightweight design.

The woven polypropylene bags are lighter, stronger, and more environment-friendly when compared to paper and other types of plastic bags. The Anduro bags help in reducing transportation costs and fuel consumption.

The company uses hardwood pallets that hold up to 6,000 bags to ensure cost-efficient and safe shipping of the bags. Its palletisation technique helps to cut the cost of packaging materials by up to 20%.

Anduro launched the Durofab™ Pinch-Closure Bag with customised step-cut ends and a single-folded closure in May 2019. One end of the bag is secured or “pinch-closed” during production, whereas the other end is left open, either step-cut or flush-cut, based on the requirements of the customer.

Marketing commentary on Anduro Manufacturing

Anduro Manufacturing produces high-quality polywoven bags for the pet food and animal feed markets, home-and-garden, pet and cat litters, and other industrial products. It increased its market share and has been witnessing increasing demand for its products.

The company’s client base includes producers of pet foods, as well as other products, including charcoal and gardening materials.