The Combolife 270 IBC can be collapsed when not in use to save storage space.
Combolife containers are incredibly robust and easy to clean.
Fruit juice and other liquid products can be easily shipped using one of the variations in Arlington's Combolife range.
Arlington's disposable ‘One-Trip’ bag-in-box system is replaced after one use.

Shipping has always been a major problem for the fruit juice industry. The shipping of bulk containers of frozen juice can be expensive and problematic using existing refrigerated containers. Arlington Packaging has offered a solution to make this problem easier for the fruit juice and a number of other industries.

Arlington has developed a range of large-volume insulated bulk containers (IBC) that can be used in refrigerated and frozen transportation. An example of one of their products for use in the fruit juice industry is the Combolife 270 (Reefer).

This is a 1,000l bag-in-box IBC that has the ability to be stacked in the cargo hold of a ship and can also be collapsed to save space on the return journey. The dimensions when in use are 1,235mm × 1,135mm × 1,063mm, but when folded down
the container is only 480mm high. Arlington also supplies the IBC in a 250l size. The IBC is made of 100% food contact approved polypropylene and is fully recyclable. A sterile and disposable liner bag can also be supplied with the IBC to be filled with the product. The liner bag provides an air-free environment for the product and minimises packaging material.

Hygienic Combolife containers

“The containers can also withstand exposure to sunlight and are moisture resistant.”

In addition to making bulk transportation more convenient, the Combolife containers also have other advantages. The containers are extremely robust and are constructed from a plastic that allows them to be washed down and cleaned thoroughly before use. The containers can also withstand exposure to sunlight and are moisture resistant. There are several variations on the design and one of the more useful is the Combolife 270BD that allows bottom discharge opening. Another variation in the Combolife range has a dropside door and sight glass to make it easier to fill and to check the contents level of the container.

Other Arlington container systems

The Combo is not the only folding bag-in-box IBC system produced by Arlington – there is a wide range for different applications. The ‘One-Trip’ is a completely disposable bag-in-box container where the whole system is replaced after each use. It is made using multi-layer corrugated board, which is attached to a wooden pallet. The capacity of the container is equivalent to that of five drums and provides hygienic environment for all liquid products. The container can be used in applications where reusable packaging is not needed or is uneconomical.

Its capacity helps in lowering costs and, being totally recyclable, it is environmentally friendly as well. The container can be flat packed, which helps in reducing storage and transportation costs of empty units. It is easy to assemble, fill, stack and is waterproof, providing complete weather protection.

“The containers are extremely robust and are constructed from a plastic that allows them to be washed down and cleaned thoroughly before use.”

The Combo Aseptic is another system concept where the folding box container is the same but the bag is sterilised through gamma irradiation. This system has a patented valve whereby the bag is filled and discharged aseptically.

The Combo Aseptic is suitable for fruit concentrates, food preparations such as sauces and soups, dairy products and many other kinds of liquid food. The Combo Aseptic has a drop door on one of the container’s side walls so that the liner can be installed.

The valve, which is part of the liner, is then easily connected to the container using a snap-fit design.

The outlet of the valve is designed to be steam sterilised if required to remove any bacteria, and the filling process can be fully

The container can be emptied in stages as required because the product will have a long shelf-life (aseptic). The containers are also fitted with tamper-evident devices for increased security during transport. For transportation, containers can be stacked two high but when filled and just stored in a warehouse they may be stacked five high.