The active life of vitamins in beverages is finite; their potency is eroded over time. Further, vitamins become weaker with increased exposure to light. Due to these factors, functional drinks become ineffective and have a short shelf life.

FreshCan was developed specifically with these factors in mind. It enables vitamins to be stored in a dry state till the opening of the can.

Brain Twist Inc launched the Defense vitamin and mineral supplement in September 2005 using FreshCan technology, developed jointly by Degussa FreshTech Beverages and Ball Packaging Europe. The New York-based beverage company supplies a variety of consumer products and is pioneering the use of FreshCan technology in the USA.

Brain Twist claims that Defense provides strong immunity against viruses causing the common cold and flu. The product is designed to help BrainTwist to increase its market share in functional beverages.

“The technology enabled creatine to be freshly mixed with the drink when the can is opened.”

In February 2007, the FreshCan technology was launched for the first time in Europe. The technology was used by Atlantic Multipower Germany in a cranberry-flavoured ready-to-drink creatine blend known as Crea Max.

The technology enabled creatine to be freshly mixed with the drink when the can is opened. It also helped Atlantic to provide more convenient delivery of the product, which was earlier available in tablet and powder form. The launch of the FreshCan technology in Europe was expected to stimulate the growth of new sports and wellness products and drinks.

Airtight, watertight beverage can

FreshCan technology is patented by Ball Packaging Europe and exclusively licensed to Degussa FreshTech beverages.

FreshCan technology comprises an air- and water-tight plastic container – the FreshCan Wedge – which is designed to store time- and liquid-sensitive supplements such as vitamins, minerals and probiotic additives. The FreshCan wedge is designed in such a way that it keeps its contents waterproof and does not hinder the easy opening of the container.

The FreshCan Wedge floats freely within the can. When the can is opened, it releases vitamin and mineral supplements into the beverage from its two compartments. A fizzing sound accompanies this act.

“The FreshCan Wedge floats freely within the can. When the can is opened, it releases vitamin and mineral supplements into the beverage.”

The beverage can and the wedge can be supplied separately, providing logistical advantages in filling. The active ingredients and solution can be produced at various locations and packaged together at a later stage of the supply chain.

The working principle behind the FreshCan system is a difference in the pressure levels. The opening of the can leads to a drop in pressure that opens the lid of the wedge and releases the vitamin and mineral supplements.

The supplements immediately mix with the beverage and can be consumed. The wedge has been specially designed to require only minimal pressure changes, enabling it to activate immediately as the can is opened.

Brain Twist FreshCan products

Brain Twist is launching Defense in FreshCan packaging in two flavours, Natural Orange and Lemon & Lime, each containing a unique formulation of zinc, throat-soothing pectin, vitamins A, B2, C and E and calcium to help defend against germs including those that cause colds and flu.


FreshCan technology appeals to the health conscious consumer by ensuring that vitamins and minerals in the beverage are kept fresh. The essential supplements retain their nutritive properties. Brain Twist can also market the ‘fun element’ to consumers, focussing on the fizzing sound when the supplements mix with the beverage.

Brain Twist will leverage the fact that Defense replaces the traditional form of health supplements taken in the form of powder and tablets. The beverage company can enhance consumer appeal by highlighting the convenience of using the product and the increased shelf life and retention of its essential supplements.

The beverage company can extend FreshCan technology over a range of functional beverages, adding to their business potential in the sports and fitness sectors.