Cullen Packaging is expanding its corrugate packaging facility in Glasgow. Credit: Robert Cullen Ltd.
The company will install two Expertfold 165 folder-gluer machines. Credit: Robert Cullen Ltd.
Corrugated packaging is an eco-friendly cardboard packaging used for the transportation of products. Credit: Robert Cullen Ltd.

Packaging manufacturer Cullen is installing new equipment in its corrugated packaging plant in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The new investment will complement the expansion of the manufacturing facility.

The company announced the investment in the machinery in March 2020. The equipment is expected to help the company maintain the flexibility and versatility to meet the demands of its clients.

The purchase of the two multi-point glueing machines comes after the company invested in an advanced moulded pulp manufacturing machine.

The two machines are expected to be installed by the third quarter of 2020.

Cullen corrugated packaging factory location

The corrugated packaging factory is located in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

The company was founded on the banks of the River Clyde. It was shifted to a purpose-built site in Yorkhill, Glasgow in 1986. In 1995, the operations were relocated to the current site in Anniesland, which is located in the north-west portion of the city.

Cullen corrugated packaging factory expansion details

The expansion includes an extension of the existing area by 20,000ft² and the installation of the moulded pulp manufacturing machine.

The facility expansion will also include the replacement of the existing Jagenberg multi-point gluers with two Expertfold 165 folder-gluers provided by Swiss machinery manufacturing firm Bobst.

The machinery will provide backup at the company’s production facility in Glasgow. It will also increase the speed of production and decrease set-up time.

Details of Expertfold 165 folder-gluer

The Expertfold 165 folder-gluer is mainly used in the packing industry to convert flat materials into straight-line, crash-lock bottom, or multi-point boxes.

The process involves folding the blank along pre-creased lines and using glue to hold the finished product together.

The folder-gluers can be used to process different materials, including corrugated board, non-standard or litho-laminated boxes, solid board, micro-flutes, plastics, and metallised varnished boards.

“The Expertfold 165 folder-gluer is mainly used in the packing industry to convert flat materials into straight-line, crash-lock bottom, or multi-point boxes.”

In the carton packaging industry, these machines are referred to as carton gluers or speciality gluers. The machines can also be used by envelope manufacturers and commercial printers.

The machine offers constant, smooth and precise folding, easy handling, greater access, advanced feeding, accurate pre-breaking, and automatic ejection of non-standard boxes.

Expertfold 165 also features straight-line, crash-lock, four and six-corner capabilities, which ensure increased flexibility and versatility.

Cullen existing corrugated packaging facility details

The existing corrugated facility is involved in the manufacturing of retail-ready packaging, 0201 cases, four-corner glued trays, six-corner glued trays, die-cut boxes, crash-lock boxes,  medical waste bins, as well as flexographic and high-quality print.

The facility uses a closed-loop recycling system to contribute towards a circular economy. It is equipped with in-house tooling and 3D CAD design.

The off-cuts from the company’s corrugated factory are used in the manufacturing of Clinker fitments and moulded pulp, enabling the elimination of waste related to corrugated raw materials. Corrugated packaging is an environmentally friendly packaging used for protection, transportation, and display of different products.

Marketing commentary on Cullen

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Cullen is an eco-friendly packaging manufacturer founded in 1921.

The company offers both internal and external packaging manufactured at the same site. It manufactures products for various industries, including food and beverage, industrial, medical, and horticulture.

The products are manufactured using corrugate, moulded pulp, or a mix of both. The company entered the moulded pulp market in 2001. It currently manufactures more than 500 million pulp-based packaging products annually.

The firm’s corrugated and pulp packaging customers include Dale Farm, FT Technologies, Scottish Shellfish, HPC Healthline, WBC, and Fujifilm.

Cullen manufactures medical products for the NHS, and other health boards, including HSE. It is active in more than 20 countries across the world.