Delicato pastries are presented in a new pack.
The HFSS platform is used in a compact packaging system that is flexible, and offers customised packaging solutions.
The new generation of distribution systems support the functioning of HFSS application.

Delicato, the largest manufacturer of pastries in the Nordic European region, is introducing an innovative packaging system for its pastry brands, Punschrulle and Delectable, by the end of 2005. To minimise risks and pressures in the packaging process, Delicato opted for Sigpack System’s automated plant, which is equipped with compact and mid-speed packaging system.

The Sigpack’s packaging solution is designed to operate Delicato’s specifications which means an output of 400 to 600 products per minute. The pastry packaging system is a mix of flow wrapping and secondary packaging of food and non-food products.


Sigpack Systems, a sister company of Bosch Transver, has developed the innovative packaging system.


The new compact packaging system is a horizontal form, fill and seal (HFFS) platform, which is flexible enough to suit Delicato’s varying packaging needs. The HFSS system has a mainframe construction and a modular design. The platform integrates the new feeding technologies into the packaging process.

The HFSS platform has a sophisticated design with compact modules for product handling and a new integrated top-loading concept. The pastry packaging will be simplified with the introduction of the servo-driven feeding module of the HFSS platform that has many advantages over the conventional feeding chain concept.

With HFSS, Delicato can reduce the in-feed section of the machine by more than 1.5m. Besides being compact, the HFSS platform also ensures fast format changeovers and product flexibility.


The whole application is supported by a new generation of gentle product distribution systems. The servo-driven distribution station has a row capacity of 35 rows per minute.

The plant will also have a new feeding belt product family (FBxC) that caters to the packaging needs of fast moving consumer goods, especially pastries and other food items. The compact design of feeding elements and product distribution make a perfect combination with the new machine platform as well as supporting the dedicated approach of compact systems.


Flow wrapping is an important process in the compact packaging system that has been designed and developed for Delicato’s new packaging plant for its pastry brands. Under the flow wrapping process, the packaging system starts with an output point, which collects the product in 40 rows at a time once it is lined up. A waiting conveyor provides high output rates at this stage.

The product then reaches the cross conveyor and is delivered at the final packaging destination. A buffer belt compensates for any variations that take place in the production rates.

In the process, the products are transferred to the servo-driven flow wrap machine in a very safe manner. For this, the average speed rate is 720 products per minute (ppm).

After going through the flow wrapping process, the product is exposed to several procedures. It is transported to the secondary packaging stage or is conveyed through the feeding wheel to a multi-pack machine. The feeding wheel gently places the product in a chain at a speed of 800 products per minute.

The product units are then grouped by descending lugs. Based on the size of the multi pack, a flat carton is added for stabilisation.


The secondary packaging components function under the principle of Control Logix enabling the machine to fold the boxes perfectly, whether they are gift packs or cartons. The compact design of feeding elements and product distribution make a perfect combination with the new machine platform.