Etitalia Industria Grafica is a printer of labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging in Southern Italy. The company is based in Fisciano, a university town in the province of Salerno, not far away from the south Italian port of Naples.

Etitalia was first established in 1999, although owner and managing director Beniamino Moriniello has family association with the printing industry dating back to 1932. In only a few short years since the company began it became one of Italy’s most sought-after printers of labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging. Beniamino Moriniello has earned a reputation, since the company began, of providing customers with labels and packaging that have very effective visual impact ensuring that their products are recognised and in demand and also of investing in new equipment at the right time.

New Etitalia facility and upgrade

In mid-2009 Etitalia began their expansion programme with an €8m investment in a new 10,000m² (108,000ft²) production facility on a state-subsidised industrial estate in Buccino, near Potenza (also in Salerno). The new plant has ample space for future expansion and the intention is to double sales by the end of 2010 to €10m ($13.6m) and to improve sales again by a further 20% during 2011. The workforce has already increased from the 2008 figure of 29 to around 40 and additional personnel will be required if everything goes to plan and sales increase as projected.

“Etitalia Industria Grafica is a printer of labels, folding cartons and flexible packaging
in Southern Italy.”

The new site has now been occupied with their existing equipment as well as a new generation B1 KBA Rapida 106 seven-colour hybrid coater press and a ten-colour Flexotechnica N 10 G from Cerutti (a gearless ten-colour sleeve press with safe sleeve change and pneumatic ejectors for use on a variety of packaging substrates with a printing speed of 600m a minute).

Most of the company’s major equipment has been sourced from Koenig and Bauer AG (KBA), including a six-colour Rapida 105 with coater installed at the company launch in 1999, another six-colour Rapida 105 with two coaters, interdeck dryer and hybrid capability in 2002 and a small eight-colour flexo press in 2005 giving the option of flexo printing instead of offset, and the establishment of a second area of business with more options for customers.

Business growth

The company has seen fairly stable growth over the last five years, which is testament to the stability of the food-processing and beverage industries where most of their packaging is required.

“Etitalia is now equipped to handle print jobs of between 50,000 to 500,000 sheets in an accurate high-output manner.”

Etitalia is now equipped to handle print jobs of between 50,000 to 500,000 sheets in an accurate high-output manner. The company has a flexible production capability, with its eight-colour press giving the option of flexo production, printing on plastic and aluminium sheets from a roll. The new Rapida seven-colour machine also allows the company to handle high-output offset sheet fed projects and has given additional production capacity.

Offset is still very dominant in the food industry and the company wanted to have the best-quality equipment to undertake offset jobs. A few short weeks following the move to the new facility, the new 106 had produced over five million sheets and sales were increasing to target.

KBA Rapida 106

The KBA Rapida 106 seven-colour hybrid coater press is tailor-made for printing packaging, and the one at Etitalia is the first of its kind in Italy. The machine offers a rated output of 18,000sph (sheets per hour) in straight printing and 15,000sph in perfecting mode, a high level of automation, inline quality management and host of features including: fully automatic plate changers, DriveTronic PlateChange SPC, parallel washing processes, data-matrix coding and exact register presetting, ColorTronic ink metering, DensiTronic density control, Qualitronic professional print quality check at full print speed and a text reader.