The combined cold glue / hot melt adhesive bottom pasting of the PB 2555 pinch bottomer machine used by Gateway Packaging Company in the making of MBOM bags.
The bottom closing of the PB 2555 pinch bottomer.
The flat tube former in AM 8115, a high-output multi-purpose tuber.
The panless cross pasting unit of AM 8115.

Illinois-based Gateway Packaging Company installed new packaging machinery from Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation to offer safe and damage-free packaging. The project began in February 2005 with the installation of PB 2555 Pinch Bottomer Bag Machine and AM 8115 Tuber. The new machinery came into full use in March 2005 with the production of Gateway’s first Mitered Bottom Open Mouth (MBOM) bags.


The new packaging machinery developed by Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corporation will manufacture Mitered Bottom Open Mouth (MBOM) bags with mitered corners, ultrasonic seals and an exclusive non-sift feature.

Gateway Packaging Company planned to develop the MBOM bags with stronger seals to protect the products against contamination, moisture, oxygen, grease and any other possible contamination. The new packaging machinery consists of a unique miter bottom that creates a “flat bottom” bag shape, resulting in more stable positioning on the pallet.

Products that usually hang over the pallet damage the bags and there is a loss in the supply chain. To prevent serious damage being caused to the product in shipping and handling, Gateway decided to install the packaging machinery that has a unique miter bottom to create a flat bottom bag shape. The bottom fits the pallet well and makes the pallet more stable.


The new PB 2555 pinch bottomer processes flat and side-gusseted tubing into open-mouth pinch-bottom sacks. Gateway is now able to meet an average output of 250 bags per minute when the pinch bottomer is operated in line with the tuber. Gateway is using the PB 2555 Pinch Bottomer for off-line as well as in-line operations.

The tube length ranges from 17.72in (450mm) to 51.18in (1,300mm) and the tube is anywhere between 7.87in (200mm) and 23.03in (585mm). The PB 2555 pinch bottomer has a high output ultrasound mitered corner sealing unit. The machine is customised for Gateway’s packaging operations because it can handle hot-melt application on both sides and can also be operated in cold-glue application at the factory end. Gateway is producing sift proof sack bottom cans with the heat-seal section which can be integrated as an option. A reject gate, which rejects defective sacks and has a valve bottomer, is also fitted to PB 2555.

The PB 2555 pinch bottomer is connected to a feed section when it is operated off-line and to a turning or deviating station when it is operated in-line with the tuber.

PB 2555 pinch bottomer lets Gateway Packaging Company run trouble-free operations with its industrial PC that provides decentralized input/output and fiber optic light bus communication. The machine also offers comprehensive remote diagnostic service during the packaging operations.

The PB 2555 pinch bottomer is linked in line with AM 8115, a high-output multi-purpose tuber that covers the entire gamut of multi-wall applications. Gateway now has a broad spectrum of configuration options to suit the most diverse production conditions with the help of the tuber.

The capacity of the machine is 350 tubes per minute. The tube has, in particular, been useful to Gateway in maximizing up-time through high operational reliability and low maintenance needs. The tubes are kept intact with the help of a belt tear-off system.

There is also provision for short set-up times through partly automated size changeovers and adjustment supports. The AM 8115 tuber conforms to Gateway Packaging Company’s safety and machinery standards.


The miter bottom of the bag reduces the potential breakages and leakages. The new MBOM bag has drastically increased Gateway’s productivity. Gateway Packaging has also improved the graphics capability of its packaging with the increased graphics panel on the shelf display end of the bag. The space on this panel can be used by customers to advertise their product. The space is as broad as the bag gusset.