Green Bay Packaging’s New Recycled Paper Mill, Wisconsin

Green Bay Packaging’s new recycled paper mill is being developed in Brown County, Wisconsin, US.

Project Type
Paper mill
Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin, US
June 2018
Start of Construction
Fall 2018
Expected Completion
Estimated Investment
Green Bay Packaging
Miron Construction, KSH Solutions, Voith

Green Bay Packaging’s new recycled paper mill is being developed in Brown County, Wisconsin, US. It is the first new paper mill to be set up in the state in more than 30 years.

The Green Bay region was selected as the location for the construction of the paper mill due to the favourable business climate and skilled workforce.

Announced in June 2018, the project is expected to require an investment of more than $500m. The project also includes a $25m investment towards the expansion of Green Bay’s shipping container division.

Construction of the new paper mill, which will produce packaging paper, is expected to begin towards the end of 2018. The new paper mill will commence operations in 2021 and is expected to double Green Bay’s manufacturing capabilities.

The project is expected to generate approximately 200 direct jobs and 135 indirect jobs in Wisconsin.

Green Bay Packaging’s new recycled paper mill facility details

Green Bay Packaging’s new recycled paper mill will replace a 71-year-old recycled paper machine in Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin. The unit was built in 1947 and has been rebuilt three times before being closed.

The paper mill will feature an old corrugated containers (OCC) plant, a bio-digester, and an automated dense roll storage distribution facility. It will be capable of producing environment-friendly and high-quality packaging products.

“The project is expected to generate approximately 200 direct jobs and 135 indirect jobs in Wisconsin.”

The paper mill will be installed with a 300in (7.62m)-wide paper production line for the production of recycled testliner. It will also feature a VariFlex Performance winder, an effluent treatment plant, BlueLine stock preparation, wet end process (WEP), paper machine clothing and Papermaking 4.0 products.

The facility will also be equipped with a high-performance XcelLine paper machine, which is designed to operate at a speed of 3,940ft a minute (1,200m a minute).

Sustainable features of Green Bay’s new paper mill

The facility is designed to release less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the existing plant.

The existing coal burners of the paper machine will be replaced with modern gas boilers. The new paper mill will also use recycled water instead of freshwater thereby eliminating the discharge of waste into natural waterways.

Financing for Green Bay Packaging’s paper mill

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) plans to award $60m in state income tax credits to Green Bay towards the development of the project.

The tax credits will be contingent upon the creation and retention of jobs by Green Bay and the total amount of investment made by the company through 2029.

Contractors involved

Miron Construction, a construction services firm based in the US, was appointed as the lead contractor for the design, engineering and construction of the paper mill.

US-based engineering construction services provider, KSH Solutions, was subcontracted by Miron to provide detailed engineering, procurement, and field engineering services.

US-based paper and packaging machinery provider, Voith Paper, was awarded a contract to supply and install the production line at the new facility. The contractual scope also includes provision of total roll management services for several machines for a period of seven years.

Voith’s subsidiary MERI Environmental Solutions will also be involved in equipment installation at the paper mill site.

Green Bay Packaging’s paper mill benefits

Construction of Green Bay’s new recycled paper mill is expected to strengthen the papermaking industry in Wisconsin. The project is expected to support more than 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region.

The project is also expected to have an economic impact of $257m in the Green Bay region and generate $10m in tax revenue for the state during the construction phase.

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