The new state-of-the-art corrugated packaging facility is located in Atglen in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Credit: International Paper.
International Paper opened its new corrugated packaging facility in Atglen in September 2023. Credit: International Paper.
The best-selling products of the company include fanfolds, folders, trays, sheets, slotted boxes, to-go packaging and retail-ready product packaging. Credit: OttoPles/

International Paper, a pulp and paper company based in the US, opened a new state-of-the-art corrugated packaging facility in Atglen, Pennsylvania, in September 2023. The project was completed in collaboration with local, county and state community partners.

The facility produces corrugated packaging for diverse customers across produce, processed food, beverages, shipping, distribution and e-commerce sectors. It offers an innovative and sustainable packaging approach to the customers and facilitates the company in expanding its industrial packaging business in the northeastern part of the US.

The project was developed with an investment of $100m and created more than 100 manufacturing jobs in Atglen.


The new packaging facility is located at 4581 Lower Valley Road in Atglen, Chester County, Pennsylvania, developed on a 42-acre land in the West Sadsbury Township in the county.

Accessibility to a skilled workforce, multiple transportation options and convenient distribution access to key markets made the site a preferable location for the facility.

Details of International Paper’s new corrugated packaging facility

The modern corrugated packaging facility was developed by transforming a former 415,700ft² warehouse building in Chester County that was previously used for publishing.

The company purchased the facility for $11.6m from VMM Eckman Management in April 2021.

Construction details

The facility was developed under Project Keystone, which included renovation of the existing 415,700ft² facility and new construction on 10,000ft² area.

It underwent a comprehensive overhaul, including interior renovations, extensive roof demolition and the development of an exterior parking lot.

The entire building was transformed by removing walls, reconfiguring doorways, repainting, cleaning and performing necessary repairs. New foundations were created by opening concrete labs to accommodate the specialised equipment required for corrugated packaging production.

During demolition, a significant amount of ductwork was removed, which was approximately a half-mile in length and more than 80 pieces of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment from the roof.

Contractors involved

International Paper collaborated with Wohlsen Construction, a construction services provider, for the transformation of the existing building into a modern corrugated packaging facility. The Wohlsen Construction team ensured the members’ safety during construction works.

Other contractors involved in the project were consulting engineering company IDOM,  transportation engineering and planning company McMahon Associates and engineering company GHD, who was involved in building modifications, office fit-out, process equipment foundations and site infrastructure upgrades for the project.

Marketing commentary on International Paper

International Paper produces fibre-based recyclable and sustainable products customised according to the customer’s needs. It offers reliable and safe packaging solutions with high graphic capability to let the product stand out.

It offers a variety of packaging solutions for transporting and marketing products such as  ClimaShield recyclable coatings. The cost-effective ClimaShield coatings are FDA-compliant, 100% recyclable and moisture-resistant, with a grease barrier that can be sold into existing old corrugated containers (OCC) recovery stream and are compatible with existing processes.

The leak-resistant bliss box provides a second layer of protection to bags against leaking while the patented MaxNest top seal punnets offer sustainable solutions at lower freight costs.

Ship in own container (SIOC) Bag in Box, SpaceKraft and corrugated fanfold packaging are some of the other solutions the company offers.

The new brand for the company’s speciality products, FloraCel, offers cellulose derivatives products ranging from low to high viscosity and high purity extenders to minimise impact on production processes.