Mondi is investing €200m to install a recycled containerboard machine at the Duino mill located in Italy. Credit: Mondi.
The recycled containerboard machine will help in meeting the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Credit: Mondi.
The ground-breaking ceremony for the conversion project took place in May 2024. Credit: Mondi.
The new recycled containerboard machine is expected to commence operations in 2025. Credit: Mondi.

Mondi, a sustainable packaging and paper manufacturing company, is converting the Duino mill located near Trieste, Italy, to produce recycled containerboard.

The ground-breaking ceremony for the €200m ($216m) project took place in May 2024.

The investment is a part of Mondi’s €1.2bn approved investment programme towards organic growth projects.

The primary goal of the investment programme is to address the increasing demand for sustainable packaging, enhance the product range, and reduce the company’s environmental impact.

The new recycled containerboard machine is expected to commence operations at the Duino mill in 2025.

The converted mill is set to generate employment opportunities for both existing and potential employees, develop partnerships with local stakeholders and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

It will enable backward integration in Mondi’s corrugated packaging division and improve the security of supply to meet customer demands.


The Duino mill is located near Trieste in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy.

It is situated near two important export harbours, which will help in supplying corrugated solutions to Mondi’s customers located in Central Europe and Turkey in addition to the local Italian market.

Mondi’s recycled containerboard facility details

Mondi acquired the Duino mill from the Burgo Group, a graphic and speciality papers producer, for €40m in January 2023.

The strategic acquisition is in line with Mondi’s commitment to produce cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions, with a particular focus on expanding its recycled products range.

The mill currently operates one paper machine producing lightweight coated mechanical paper, which will be replaced with Mondi’s widest recycled containerboard machine with a width of 8.5m.

Upon completion of the conversion, the Duino mill will produce 420,000 tonnes of high-quality recycled containerboard.

It will source materials locally, thereby supporting the local economy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions through shorter transport distances, and enhancing the resilience of the supply chain.

The project also includes the construction of a new recycled fibre plant, a wastewater treatment facility and related infrastructure along with warehousing facilities.

Mondi’s containerboard product details

Mondi’s range of containerboard includes white and brown-top kraftliners, testliners, recycled containerboard and semi-chemical fluting made from fresh fibre, recycled fibre, and various combinations.

The containerboard products boast resistance to moisture, impact, crushing, and tearing. They are produced from responsibly sourced wood and are fully recyclable.

The recycled containerboard products, made entirely from 100% recovered fibre, offer excellent runnability and processing properties.

The products are particularly suitable for lightweight corrugated case material and can be used in industrial packaging and e-commerce.

Among the recycled containerboard products offered by Mondi are ProVantage Fluting WB and ProVantage Testliner 3.

Mondi’s brown containerboard kraft prioritises strength and optimal box performance.

It features include a top ply made entirely of fresh fibres boasting exceptional runnability and high strength. Its applications include industrial packaging, heavy-duty packaging, and e-commerce.

Products in this line include ProVantage Kraftliner, which is 100% recyclable and ideal for eco-friendly packaging, along with ProVantage KraftTop LinerX and ProVantage Kraftliner Aqua.

The white containerboard boasts a bright, high-quality paper surface with a white hardwood top sheet, providing superior strength, excellent printability, and optimal runnability.

ProVantage Baywhite and ProVantage Smartwhite are two of the products in this category.

Mondi also offers containerboard support and consultation services.

Marketing commentary on Mondi

Mondi is a global leader in sustainable packaging and paper solutions.

The company boasts a workforce of 22,000 individuals, spread across a network of 100 production facilities situated in more than 30 nations, with its principal activities centred in Europe, North America, and Africa.

The organisation is structured into three primary divisions: corrugated packaging, flexible packaging, and uncoated fine paper.

The corrugated packaging division specialises in containerboard and eco-friendly corrugated packaging solutions while the flexible packaging focuses on kraft paper and encompasses a wide range of paper, flexible plastic, and hybrid solutions.

The uncoated fine paper division caters to the needs of home and office environments, as well as conversion and professional printing sectors.