ORBIS is developing a new manufacturing facility in Greenville, Texas, US. Credit: ORBIS Corporation.
The facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2024. Credit: ORBIS Corporation.
The manufacturing facility will support the production of sustainable reusable packaging products. Credit: ORBIS Corporation.

ORBIS, a reusable packaging products company based in the US, is expanding its operations with the construction of a new manufacturing and warehouse facility in Greenville, Texas, US.

The new facility is part of the company’s commitment to supporting the production of sustainable packaging products and bolstering its production capabilities while expanding its geographic footprint.

ORBIS secured a lease-to-own agreement for the new manufacturing plant with EPM Partners, a US-based real estate firm, in March 2024.

The new facility is slated to commence operations at the end of 2024. It is anticipated to create 190 new jobs, offering a boost to Greenville’s employment landscape.

Location of ORBIS’ new manufacturing facility

The facility will be situated at 7121 Shelby Avenue, an industry property located within the City of Greenville Reinvestment Zone No. 2 in Greenville, Texas. The 7121 Shelby Avenue property covers an area of 1.03 million square feet (95,852m²) and features an open layout.

The facility benefits from a strategic location, approximately 80km north-east of Dallas. Improvements and renovations will be required to prepare the space for the company’s manufacturing activities.

ORBIS packaging manufacturing facility details

ORBIS’ new facility will have a total area of 420,000ft² dedicated to manufacturing and supporting injection moulding operations for plastic reusable packaging. It will be installed with the necessary infrastructure such as large injection moulding machines, moulds, and automation equipment, to ensure efficient production processes.

The facility will produce a range of ORBIS’ sustainable products such as reusable pallets, totes, and bulk containers.

An additional 240,000ft² of space will be allocated for warehousing to complement the manufacturing space and further enhance the company’s logistical capabilities.

ORBIS entered a tax abatement agreement with the City of Greenville for the property in February 2024, which will be effective as of January 2026 and extend for a decade until December 2035.

ORBIS product portfolio

ORBIS is at the forefront of supporting top-tier companies in their transition from traditional wood and corrugated packaging to more durable plastic reusable packaging.

ORBIS’ product range includes handheld containers, plastic pallets, bulk containers, reusable corrugated boxes, and a variety of other solutions such as mobile and merchandising solutions, custom packaging, metal racks, dunnage, and waste and recycling containers.

The handheld container range comprises the StakPak system, hand-held folding containers, PlastiCorr, Nest-Only containers, Stack-N-Nest, FliPak containers, beverage crates and bakery systems, among others.

The plastic pallet product line includes rackable pallets, stackable pallets, top frames, layer pads, nestable pallets, metric pallets, top caps, and material handling equipment, in addition to pallet accessories.

The bulk container product line includes the OpteBulk system, HDMX containers, BulkPak GP containers, MultiTank, BulkPak tubs, and custom bulk containers.

The company also offers custom solutions such as ORBIShield custom dunnage, ORBIS Meta racks, Maximus containers, and thermoformed packaging.

The products cater to various industries such as agriculture, automotive, e-commerce, food manufacturing, meat and poultry, primary packaging, retail distribution, and retail merchandising and pharmaceuticals, to meet their specific needs.

Marketing commentary on ORBIS

Headquartered in Wisconsin, US, ORBIS is a reusable packaging manufacturer that focuses on sustainability in its supply chain and is a subsidiary of Menasha Packaging. It specialises in the manufacture of plastic returnable/reusable products for diverse material handling applications.

The company’s reusable plastic containers help to improve product flow and streamline the supply chain, along with contributing to cost reduction, profitability, and sustainability.

ORBIS has manufacturing plants across the US, including Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, and Ohio, in addition to facilities in Canada and Mexico. The company recently completed an expansion of its manufacturing facility in Urbana, Ohio, in November 2023.