The Sirane Group began food packaging operations in Turkey in 2012. Image courtesy of Sirane.
The model of the factory building at Antalya in Turkey. Image courtesy of Sirane.
The Antalya facility under construction in March 2012. Image courtesy of Sirane.

UK-based Sirane Group

UK-based Sirane Group opened a new manufacturing and warehousing facility located in Turkey’s Antalya zone in October 2012. The new plant will produce Sirane’s food packaging products and serve as a manufacturing base. It will also develop innovative products for the market.

"Sirane has also opened a manufacturing and operation base in South Africa to expand its business into central Africa."

The opening of the new plant is part of the company’s expansion plans. Turkey exported about $15.3bn of food and agricultural products in 2011. These products were exported mainly to the Eastern European countries, the Middle East and CIS countries.

The new plant will enable Sirane to cater to this demand in Turkey and also help in expanding its business in southern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Ukraine.

Sirane has also opened a manufacturing and operation base in South Africa to expand its business into central Africa.

It has also opened a new office in Dubai, UAE, which will handle logistics, sales and licenses for Sirane.

Capitalising on regional market demands

The new facility is located in the port city of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. The location provides access to some of the major food production areas of Turkey.

These areas produce large quantities of food which is shipped across the region. Sirane will be able to capitalise on the demand for packaging from this region.

Products made in the Antalya facility

The Antalya facility will manufacture similar food packaging products which are produced at Sirane’s Telford plant in the UK. These products will include odour absorbing meat pads, shelf-life extending bags, films and absorbent fruit pads. The products are ideally suited for the region’s environment.

Sirane also plans to manufacture new food packaging products at the facility such as a new range of cooking bags.

Sirane’s wide range of food packaging products

Sirane’s range of food packaging products include Sira-Flex Resolve films and bags, Sira-Flex meat-saver paper, Sira-Flex greaseproof papers, Dri-Fresh Resolve pads and Tuff-Hold boneguard materials.

"The facility is in the port city of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast. The location provides access to major food production areas."

Sira-Flex Resolve films and bags are shelf-life extension wraps used for vegetables. They keep vegetables fresh by controlling the atmospheric conditions inside the bag. It features temperature-dependent permeability to control moisture and maintain freshness.

Sira-Flex meat-saver paper is a cellulose-based product. It has air-permeability and controlled absorbency which helps retain the colour of meat inside.

Sirane’s Sira-Flex greaseproof papers can be used for carrying meat and other fast foods. The papers are designed to be permeable and enable steam and moisture to escape.

The Dri-Fresh Resolve pads can be used as a presentation surface for cut fruits. The pads allow air to circulate and absorb any excess moisture through microporous material. Sirane’s Tuff-Hold boneguard materials provide long shelf-life to the vacuum packaged meat.

Apart from these products, Sirane will also produce its Sira-Cook bags at the new facility. The cooking bags will enable packaged food to be cooked in the original pack. The bags have quality temperature-resistant printing and will be available in different sizes.

Company headquarters and market commentary

Sirane Group is one of the leading innovative packaging companies in the world with its headquarters located in Telford, UK. It was established in 2002 and officially began operations in January 2003. Various business divisions of Sirane include medical and healthcare, horticultural, food packaging and industrial.

The food packaging division of Sirane mainly focuses on the development of innovative packaging solutions for vegetables, meat and fruit markets worldwide.

By opening the Antalya plant, Sirane plans to capitalise on Turkey’s growing packaging industry. The industry has grown by leaps and bounds during the last decade due to population growth, urbanisation and an increase in exports.

During the last five years, the packaging industry in Turkey has grown at an annual rate of six percent. Annual consumption of plastic packaging in Turkey is about 33%. More than 3,000 companies are already operating their packaging manufacturing facilities across Turkey.

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