UFP Packaging expanded its site in Warrens, Wisconsin, with a new production facility and breakroom. Credit: Roman Zaiets via Shutterstock.
The addition brings the facility’s total manufacturing space to approximately 40,000ft². Credit: Cheer Group via Shutterstock.
The facility allows UFP Packaging to enhance its wood packaging offerings and meet the growing demand. Credit: urfin via Shutterstock.

UFP Packaging, a packaging company based in the US, expanded its Warrens, Wisconsin site by introducing a new production facility and an employee breakroom in February 2024.

The facility is dedicated to the production of a range of wood packaging solutions, allowing the company to diversify its offerings in the sector.

The expanded operational space and advanced production capabilities, enable the company to cater to the increasing demand for its products, thereby strengthening its position in the packaging industry.

The expansion also facilitated the accommodation of up to 12 additional staff members at the Warrens site.

UFP Packaging production facility details

The expansion includes an 11,840ft² manufacturing facility, along with a 2,400ft² employee breakroom, creating a contemporary and comfortable setting for the workforce.

The new facility increased the space at the Warrens site to approximately 40,000ft², providing ample space to accommodate the expanding team at UFP Packaging.

The state-of-the-art breakroom not only functions as a relaxation area for employees but also showcases the expertise and capabilities of other subsidiaries.

UFP Packaging product portfolio

UFP Packaging offers a comprehensive range of packaging solutions and related services to businesses across various industries.

Its affiliates are skilled in designing and manufacturing custom packaging solutions, including wood pallets, crates, custom skids, dunnage, protective packaging, hard cases, laminated panels, storage vaults, agriculture bins, boxes, bedding, films, strapping, advanced materials equipped with tracking technology and more.

BarrierWood corrosion-resistant lumber is the company’s proprietary product specially developed to substitute traditional hardwood lumber that was traditionally encased in VCI film and plastic sleeves to shield steel from corrosion.

UFP Packaging introduced a groundbreaking design in the industrial packaging sector with its U-LOC containers.

The innovative system integrates the advanced U-LOC clips with durable plywood to create containers that are both stackable and reusable, ensuring longevity and efficiency.

The unique clips enable swift crating of items within minutes, eliminating the need for tools or fasteners.

The steel, corrosion-resistant clips effortlessly ‘snap’ into position, providing a secure hold that surpasses traditional nails or screws.

Strip Pak is an economic substitute for all-wood crates as it integrates a lighter-weighing corrugated material with wood framing components to form a strong, stackable container.

A few other products offered by the company include films, foam fabrication, glass A-frames and L-bucks, helper pallets, structural steel packaging, lift vans, horticulture growing and display racks, and International Plant Protection Convention/ heat-treated-certified packaging.

Contractors involved

Quest Design & Millwork, a design services company, and another affiliate of UFP Industries based in Texas, US, provided design services for the breakroom, contributing to the aesthetic and functional aspects of the new production space.

Marketing commentary on UFP Packaging

UFP Packaging, a subsidiary of UFP Industries, is headquartered in the US.

It operates more than 90 facilities worldwide.

The company’s extensive network, spanning the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, and India, enables it to deliver exceptional service and maintain connectivity with both national and global customers.

The company sources lumber from sustainable suppliers, uses post-industrial recycled materials in its wood-plastic composite decking operations and recycles more than 25,000 tons of wood dust annually.

Additionally, UFP employs environmentally friendly pressure-treating processes to enhance the life of its wood products.

The company’s full-service packaging solutions cater to a wide array of industries, including industrial manufacturing, power equipment, transportation, logistics, moving and storage, technology and medical, agriculture/horticulture, glass, automotive, appliance, and more.