Visy’s new corrugated packaging plant is located in the Waipa District of New Zealand. Image courtesy of Property Council New Zealand.
Visy offers various packaging formats for the fruit and fresh produce market. Image courtesy of Alicia Griffin.
Visy’s corrugated packaging products are made from recycled fibre and kraft paper. Image courtesy of Creativity103.

Visy Board New Zealand, a unit of packaging and recycling solutions firm Visy, opened its second corrugated packaging plant in New Zealand in May 2018.

The company invested NZ$100m ($71.24m) in the new facility, which is located in the Waipa district situated south of Hamilton, in the Waikato Province.

The plant construction commenced in April 2017.

One of the biggest factories in the Waipa district, the new packaging facility created approximately 75 new jobs for the locals.

The announcement of the new facility was followed by a $20m investment at Visy’s existing Wiri site in New Zealand. The project included corrugator upgrades and installation of new die-cutting machines and gluing machinery.

The investments enabled Visy to complement its other New Zealand-based packaging operations, which are located in Auckland and Wellington.

Location of Visy’s second corrugated packaging plant

“The new corrugated packaging plant was opened in 2018.”

Visy’s new packaging plant is located in the Western Precinct of Titanium Park. The 22ha Western Precinct is an industrial zone for warehousing, manufacturing, logistics and retail facilities.

The location has access to State Highways 3 and 21 and is situated near to the Hamilton Airport, which provides significant benefits and improved logistics for companies.

Visy corrugated packaging plant details

Growing demand for export supply chains associated with the processing of food, fruit, meat and other dairy products was the major reason for expanding Visy’s operations in the corrugated packaging market in New Zealand.

Spread over an 8.5ha site, the new plant is designed using advanced technology. It provides cost-effective packaging solutions for customers.

Details of Visy’s corrugated packaging products

Visy corrugated cardboard packaging is made from recycled fibre and craft paper for use in industries across beverages and dairy, snacks, pizza, fruit, meat, poultry and seafood products.

For the fruit and fresh produce market, Visy manufactures machine and hand-erected trays, wax-coated and heavy-duty boxes, bulk bins and export boxes. It also provides One-Touch packaging solutions, which is an alternative to crates for supermarket displays.

Visy offers poly-free leak-proof cartons, tamper-evident boxes, export packaging, retail case-ready meat packaging and custom-designed packaging solutions for the meat, poultry and seafood sectors.

The company also provides domestic and export-ready bulk bins for milk powder, tray and hood-style boxes, shelf-ready packaging, and automated packaging equipment solutions for the dairy packaging market.

Visy also manufactures custom-designed packaging boxes for the beverage industry.

Marketing commentary on Visy

Founded in 1948, Visy is one of the world’s leading packaging, paper and recycling companies operating in more than 120 sites throughout Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand and Thailand, with commercial offices across Asia, Europe and the US.

Visy produces more than 790,000t of fibre packaging, 530 million steel food cans, 2.5 billion plastic containers, 1.5 billion beverage cans and 820 million beverage cartons a year. It employs more than 5,500 team members, while its sister company Pratt Industries USA employs approximately 5,800 staff in North America.