Walki Packaging Plant, Wroclaw

Walki’s new packaging plant in Wrocław, Poland, was officially opened in September 2013. It is built on 2.25ha previously unused land located at Wrocław East Logistics Centre in Kiełczowska Street, north-east of Wrocław.

Goodman constructed the facility and handed it over to Walki in May 2013 after about eight months of construction. It is Walki’s third packaging facility in Poland; the two other facilities are located in Jatne and Kwidzyn.

The new 50,000t per annum plant was built to cater to the growing markets in Eastern Europe and will initially serve the forest industry and consumer packaging segments.

Strategic location

"The plant is equipped with the latest automation technology and mainly includes extrusion equipment."

The plant’s location in southern Poland enables Walki to reduce carbon emissions as transportation distances are considerably reduced. It benefits from its proximity to markets bordering Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The location also enables reduction of lead times for customers and provides access to new feedstock sources.

The facility has good accessibility, located adjacent to Wrocław International Airport, 1.5km from new A8 ring road, 13km from A4 ring road and four kilometres from Wrocław city centre.

It’s also near some of the leading technology universities in Poland, which helps to attract skilled employees.

Technology and details

The plant is equipped with the latest automation technology and mainly includes extrusion equipment. It produces wrapping material, including barrier lining and flexible packaging material, for the paper industry.

"The Finnish company has a presence in 12 countries and employs more than 950 people."

Barrier lining products are used exclusively for the protection of packed goods against moisture, grease and other external influences, and are marketed as the patented WalkiLine.

Flexible packaging materials provide moisture, grease, gas and aroma barriers by combining paper with materials such as plastic and aluminium foil, and are marketed as the patented WalkiFlex products, which include the patented WalkiDuraGrip, WalkiFoil, WalkiFrontlabel, WalkiLid, WalkiSeal and WalkiSingle / Double Base.

The warehouse at the plant covers an area of 10,500m² and has a floor capacity of 50kN/m². It has four loading docks and four overhead doors, and has a clear height of 10m.

Marketing commentary

Walki is an international producer of protective packaging materials and technical laminates, and specialises in fibre based multi-laminate products. The company’s knowledge in fibre dates back to 1931, when it first started production from its Paperituote plant in Valkeakoski, Finland. The Finnish company has a presence in 12 countries and employs more than 950 people.

The company’s packaging facility in Jatne, Poland, specialises in printed ream wrapping for A4 and A3 cut size paper, has a production capacity of 10,000t per annum and employs 185 people. It was recently upgraded with the inclusion of a fully automated ten colour flexo printing machine that uses 100% water-based colours to produce ream wrap.

Walki’s other facility, located in Kwidzyn, Poland, specialises in box production for packaging of copy paper.