Concept: Atlanta’s Air-Clenz Systems (Air-Clenz) has announced a breakthrough technical approach to cleaning exhaled air swiftly and close to the face of a person. The patent-pending Air-Clenz exhaled air cleaning technology is suitable for most multi-seated indoor settings. In seconds, it cleans exhaled air and eliminates pathogens like COVID-19 and the Delta variant, reducing the risk of infection in enclosed places, says the company. Without the need for face masks, the Air-Clenz unique method aims to create safer enclosed environments.

Nature of Disruption: Air-Clenz’s patented exhaled air collector is positioned in or on the back of a seat, generally within two feet of a seated individual’s face, the technology works quicker and more effectively than ventilation systems (such as HVAC systems and air purifiers). Air purifiers and HVAC systems are not intended to catch exhaled air rapidly, and air purifiers are meant to clean air in a small or medium-sized space. As a result, the concentration of room air collected is higher than that of any captured exhaled air. Air-Clenz, on the other hand, was created to trap, isolate, and clean a large portion of each exhaled air breath before it could disseminate throughout the venue. The majority of a seated individual’s exhaled breath is captured and isolated by each Air-Clenz exhaled air collector. The collected air is then purified in an air purification chamber before being discharged back into the indoor venue or being transferred into the venue’s HVAC system for reintroduction.

Outlook: Many viruses, including COVID-19, are transmitted largely through the air in aerosol form and are not easily caught by existing HVAC systems. Even in systems with advanced filtration and other treatment procedures, these ventilation systems carry pathogens across a room and past other people to a distant air return point, increasing the risk of disease transmission. Within two feet of an individual’s nose and mouth, Air-Clenz Systems’ unique technology collects, isolates, and removes pathogens from exhaled air before they have a chance to disseminate in multi-seated indoor settings. The system can be customized to accommodate almost any setting where numerous people are seated, including airplanes, all sorts of transportation, theatres, and indoor entertainment venues of all kinds, places of worship, offices, and educational institutions. Moreover, Air-Clenz has adapted its technology to work in elevators.

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