Concept: Californian startup ATMO has launched Atmocube, an indoor air quality monitoring system for businesses and enterprises. It is positioned for the post-COVID era where air quality inside offices is of paramount importance. It measures CO2 levels displayed on the screen along with other metrics.

Nature of Disruption: Atmocube has 14 sensors that measure various environmental parameters including formaldehyde, CO2, PM1 (small airborne particles), ozone, and PM2.5. It also measures other environmental factors such as atmospheric pressure, temperature, relative humidity, ambient noise, and light levels. The system calculates the Airborne Virus Transmission score based on the levels of parameters such as CO2, particulate matter, and humidity as claimed by the ATMO. It displays the score that estimates the probability of transferring virus diseases in closed spaces. It has a transparent interface that allows highlighting of HVAC performance safety and develops trust between occupants and building owners.

Outlook: There are many indoor quality monitoring devices in the market. The market needed a solution that can monitor the environment and allow the building occupant to know the quality of it including the threat of COVID-19. ATMO has come up with a solution that estimates the threat of COVID-19 in the enclosed environment of office space. As the businesses are resuming the office, Atmocube aims to make information about indoor air quality transparent and accessible to employees.

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