Concept: NY’s cybersecurity startup CHEQ AI Technologies (CHEQ) has launched a security platform ‘CHEQ Paradome’ to secure the overall go-to-market operation from attacks, guaranteeing that company systems, funnels, and pipelines are clear of bad traffic. This advanced bot mitigation technology aims to differentiate between human and computer-generated activities accurately.

Nature of Disruption: Go-to-market teams can leverage CHEQ Paradome’s security solutions to safeguard everything from sales pipelines to marketing tunnels, and analytics capabilities, which can be easily disrupted by fake visitors, fraudsters, and harmful bot traffic. CHEQ’s Bot Mitigation Engine, which detects, and blocks bots are used to prevent invalid bot activity, detects, and blocks malicious botnets leveraging advanced fingerprinting and multi-layered security models. From paid, organic, and direct sources, users can detect illegitimate behavior harming their marketing efforts and site, expose invalid traffic, fraudulent users, and bots engaging with their assets. Thus, businesses can use the platform to create bespoke mitigation and exclusion paths to prevent invalid traffic from affecting their marketing efforts. Paradome offers three solutions for safeguarding the complete marketing funnel and operation such as Solutions for Paid Marketing, which eliminates fraudulent activity from paid marketing funnels, campaigns, and audiences and redirects business expenditure back to legitimate customers. The ‘Solutions for Data & Analytics’ that help companies un-skew their business and marketing intelligence by removing illegitimate traffic and ensuring data accuracy. And, the ‘On-Site Conversion solutions’ that selectively prevent invalid website visitors from interfering with a company’s conversion efforts.

Outlook: Enterprise companies spend a considerable amount of money, time, energy, and resources on their go-to-market initiatives. CHEQ aims to protect go-to-market teams’ marketing funnels, sales pipelines, and data systems against bots and fraudulent users by providing cybersecurity solutions. It has the potential to meet the most demanding criteria of the security team while producing no funnel friction. It claims to serve over 12,000 customers and 50,000 websites globally, including, dents, WalkMe, Firebolt, and Spark Foundry. In February 2022, CHEQ secured $150M in a Series C investment led by Tiger Global. The new funds would be utilized to help the research and development, sales, and marketing teams develop and grow.

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