Concept: American secure data delivery solutions company DataMotion has launched ‘No-Code Experience’ for mobile applications and portals. The solution is launched as a web component to provide a seamless and secure customer experience with few or no development resources required. Covering industries like financial services, insurance, government, and healthcare, the no-code experience offers a user-friendly method to access DataMotion’s secure digital exchange platform.

Nature of Disruption: Customers can drop the no-code web component into their responsive webpage by simply altering a few settings in an intuitive user interface (UI) and gathering the necessary code snippet. This creates a customized and secure message center within the customer’s mobile app or portal. The solution enables customers to set the web component to suit their specific use case. The no-code web component is designed to mimic the appearance and feel of the corporate portal by inheriting cascading style sheets (CSS) and custom color branding for a fully-responsive solution. Additionally, it is integrated with enterprise single sign-on (SSO) solutions providers to enable behind-the-login, simplifying deployment. The solution can streamline DataMotion platform usage where it is required without the need for organizations to develop the UI.

Outlook: Application programming interface (API)-strategy requires customers to develop their UI to deploy DataMotion’s security platform. However, current market conditions and the impact of the ‘Great Resignation’ has resulted in a shortage of development resources. DataMotion intends to meet these requirements with its no-code experience to access the security platform and deliver secure content exchange to the customers. Additionally, it offers a collection of self-service APIs and connectors that give businesses, programmers, software vendors, and system integrators the ability to build flexible, compliant applications and services that are simple to use. DataMotion boasts that businesses across multiple sectors can leverage its solution and platform to accelerate their business processes.

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