Concept: Dell Technologies, VMware and SK Telecom have partnered to develop a new edge computing platform to offer a turnkey private 5G and edge computing platform called OneBox MEC to enterprises. The single multi-edge compute (MEC) box simplifies deployment, operations and delivers predictable performance via secure connectivity for stable and efficient access to edge location data.

Nature of Disruption: The OneBox MEC integrates a Dell EMC PowerEdge XE2420 server with the Telco Cloud Platform of VMware and the 5GX MEC Platform of SK Telecom. It enables companies to set up private 5G networks easily with local edge computing resources that can be remotely accessed and controlled through the cloud. Network functions providers (RAN and Core), system integrators and solutions providers can use the OneBox MEC to improve latency, reliability and security of IT systems and networks, creating a modern wireless infrastructure for data aggregation and processing. Industries such as healthcare, retail and construction, the OneBox MEC will help customers use private mobility and edge computing to create new services where data is produced.

Outlook: According to GlobalData, global sales of edge computing infrastructure and services would grow at a CAGR of 22.7% between 2019 and 2024, with total sales expected to reach US$19.3B in 2024. As organizations across several industries continue to embrace high-speed, low-latency private 5G networks to replace or improve prior-generation wired and Wi-Fi infrastructure, the turnkey solution arrives at a point of significant transformation for businesses. Because several enterprises struggle with network latency issues, OneBox MEC, which is poised to become available later this year, can open the doors to new consumer use cases at the edge.

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