Concept: England-based company GTK has collaborated with UK-based technology company TouchNetix to launch a new Touchless User Interface (UI) solution. It can be used with any form of color display and OEMs can customize their UI to use a combination of different gestures that best fit their needs.

Nature of Disruption: TouchNetix aXiom IC chip enables the touchscreen sensor to detect any space on the screen from the user’s hand. Together with GTK’s touchless user interface which can be used with any color display technology. The touchscreens can be operated consciously by holding the finger about 5 cm to 6cm away from the screen. The integrated circuits of the company are designed specifically for capacitive sensing in electrical environments. The chip uses a narrow-band signal and an arithmetic processing chain to take the sensed signals out of the return signals.

Outlook: One of the major factors for the spread of COVID-19 is the use of shared devices. The way people feel about using shared devices has changed and they are expecting a safe and hygienic way to use them. GTK Touchless User Interface offers a solution to avoid unnecessary contact. Payment terminals, ticketing machines and lifts, which many people use every day and by incorporating this technology, can make them safer.

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