Concept: LG has rolled out the world’s first hotel service robot named CLOi ServeBot to achieve UL 3300 certification for safe operation in complex commercial environments including restaurants, retail stores, and hotels. The company claims that CLOi ServeBot has a semi-autonomous operation and can carry up to 66 pounds of goods. The robot can be programmed for different floor plans that can enable precise multi-point deliveries ranging from densely packed restaurants to hotel receptions.

Nature of Disruption: CLOi ServeBot leverages several sensors and technologies for its operation. It features a LiDAR detector, a 3D camera, a Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, and a bumper sensor which enables it to recognize stationary and moving objects in its path and make real-time adjustments to avoid collisions. The service robot includes three shelves that can each hold up to 22 pounds (10kg), for a total delivery capacity of 66 pounds. Each shelf is equipped with a ToF sensor to let the robot knows when an item has been removed and it can move on to the next destination. ToF sensors determine how far away objects are by measuring the time it takes a pulse of light to be reflected back making them useful for both navigation and shelf occupancy detection. CLOi ServeBot features cartoon-like eye animations that are presented on the unit’s top-mounted 9.2-inch touchscreen. Operators can leverage the touchscreen to adjust designated locations and select different modes, in addition to modifying voice announcements and music played in response to customer interactions. When connected to the users’ WLAN, CLOi ServeBot enables cloud monitoring so users can receive almost instant status updates. It is powered by a 23,000 mAh battery that provides up to 11 hours of continuous operation and charges from 0-100% in just five hours using a 120V outlet.

Outlook: Creating a unique customer experience is very vital in the hospitality industry as it helps in customer retention and enhances customer satisfaction. Companies operating in the hospitality sector are looking out for unique technologies and innovations that can help them improve the service and increase customer satisfaction. LG claims that the CLOi ServeBot can help in assisting with employee workloads, enabling better customer service, and increasing operational efficiency. It claims to free the staff from performing repetitive tasks in the hospitality sector enabling the staff to focus on customer relations and build relationships that encourage repeat visits.

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