Concept: British oil & gas exploration and production company Neptune Energy has announced the digitization of its subsea well portfolio in Norway, leveraging a data visualization platform based on 3D game technology. The implementation aims to improve drilling and production efficiency while also cutting time and expenses.

Nature of Disruption: Neptune Energy’s latest digital advancement comes after the company created digital twins of many of its operational platforms in the Norwegian, UK, and Dutch sectors of the North Sea, allowing for onshore inspections and maintenance planning. The company’s contemporary digital twins were developed in partnership with InformatiQ, whose GeologiQ cloud-based software integrated raw exploration and production data in 3D and 2D settings and employed 3D gaming technology to enable Neptune Energy to display historical and real-time data. On its operated Gjøa platform, the company has also incorporated VR technology, which was initially intended to train astronauts traveling to the International Space Station.

Outlook: Neptune Energy claims that digitizing all subsea wells in its Norwegian portfolio has substantially enhanced its capacity to plan interventions, monitor drilling and production operations in real-time, and better comprehend the wells’ history. The company believes that the smart implementation of digital technologies can improve efficiencies and minimize waste in its all business areas, thereby ushering in collective growth.

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