Concept: Israeli startup Ophthalmic Sciences has rolled out the world’s first AI-based intraocular pressure (IOP) measuring device named IOPerfect for the treatment of glaucoma. IOPerfect enables telediagnosis and remote monitoring of glaucoma. The device leverages AI-based visual analysis of ocular vascular pressure response to remotely monitor IOP. It enables self-administered monitoring and is a  contact-free technology.

Nature of Disruption: IOPerfect consists of a VR-like headset that can be worn by the users to monitor their IOP at any time of day at home. It applies mild controlled air pressure within the headset and leverages micro-video cameras to capture the difference in response to pressure on the internal versus external blood vessels. The AI algorithm analyses the processed videos to calculate the patient’s IOP. The device uploads the data to a secure cloud and is accessible to the clinician for interpretation. The startup claims that the new product is non-invasive and eliminates the need for eye drops or constant calibration. It performs the test in less than three minutes and is unaffected by corneal thickness. The AI algorithm provides reliable AI-based image processing analysis of vascular pressure response. Ophthalmic Sciences claims that the new technology can be used for other medical applications including early detection of cataracts and the early identification of central or branch vascular occlusions as well as ocular motor disorders.

Outlook: Glaucoma is a chronic disease caused by elevated IOP that can cause damage to the optic nerve if left untreated. About 80 million people across the globe suffer from glaucoma and it is the second leading cause of blindness globally. Present methods employed to monitor IOP, the key biomarker for glaucoma, permit measurements by a professional in a clinic or hospital, usually every few months while other available home monitoring devices are invasive and lack reliability. The startup claims that IOPerfect helps the users to overcome the difficulties for detecting and treating glaucoma. The new device is available in two versions IOPerfect and the IOPerfect Plus tailored for different use cases. The startup claims that IOPPerfect Plus can help it to generate a steady revenue stream by offering the product through a SaaS-based business model.

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