Concept: US-based PerimeterX offers protection to websites from modern security threats. The company leverages capabilities like behavioral fingerprints, predictive analytics and advanced ML models to segregate real users from automated attacks with accurate identification and blockages of sophisticated threats.

Nature of Disruption: The cybersecurity startup offers identification products for automated attacks and client-side threats to websites, mobile apps and APIs. This is done by profiling bot behavior and client-side code activity in real-time. The company’s Code Defender and Page Defender offer protection against skimming and block unwanted coupon extensions and ad injections while Bot Defender protects against account abuse, checkout abuse and web scraping. The platform continuously updates the library of attack motifs based on applications’ interactions, devices’ fingerprints and network characteristics. It collects and sends several anonymized indicators upon observing user interactions like mouse movements, clicks and keystroke speed, along with device behavior like the type of device, battery level and environment attributes like fonts, window size and extensions. The platform leverages advanced ML algorithms and models to evaluate this data across web and app traffic to ensure legitimacy, safety and fluidity. PerimeterX acts as a gatekeeper and decides to either let requests pass or block them.

Outlook: Presently, PerimeterX expanded its offerings with superior blocking for Code Defender and a novel verification method beyond traditional CAPTCHAs, along with an integrated user dashboard to manage present and upcoming threats proactively. The company also extended its ecosystem with new and enhanced integrations, including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. The startup has recently accumulated funds from its Series D funding round and plans to extend its geographical footprint across all verticals and hire new talents with the contribution received.

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