Concept: American startup RoadRunner Recycling (RoadRunner) has rolled out an AI-based data-driven waste management platform to optimize waste and recycling operations. It assists businesses with waste management by utilizing ML algorithms.

Nature of Disruption: The RoadRunner platform can anticipate the number of materials generated by various businesses, as well as which containers would most efficiently organize the estimated waste for recycling. It can feed a variety of data types into its ML algorithms, including volume, industry type, and location data, as well as the client’s proximity to other parties such as customers, recycling outlets, landfills. The platform reduces the expense and increases recycling as part of their waste management program, where the prediction models offer the optimal conclusion for each customer. It makes use of unique algorithms to figure out what materials need to be collected and recycled from each business across entire towns. Then routes are designed to ensure that the materials reach their final destination in the most efficient manner possible, cutting costs while improving recycling rates. It provides services that are personalized to each customer’s location yet are constructed and automated to expand across several sites nationally.

Outlook: The global climate catastrophe poses a serious concern for businesses across the industrial spectrum, with enterprises increasingly under pressure to manage their environmental impact. However, attaining this can be difficult, especially for larger firms with various locations, providers, and systems. RoadRunner looks forward to eliminate the operational inefficiencies that plague traditional garbage and recycling management in large organizations. Its technology-driven sustainable waste management platform aims to change the way businesses recycle all around the world. RoadRunner’s AI-based data-driven waste management platform is used by international manufacturer Avery Dennison to manage their daily waste and recycling initiatives. BeyondNetZero, the climate investing initiative of renowned growth equity firm General Atlantic, has invested $70 million in RoadRunner in a Series D funding round. It plans to use the funds to further develop its ML and marketplace technology, expand its enterprise business offering, drive domestic growth, and support operations in more than 40 US cities while helping businesses improve their waste and recycling operations.

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