Concept: Chinese company Qianhai Feisuan Yunzhi Software Technology (Shenzhen) has unveiled SoFlu, the world’s first software robot for microservices. The software robot aspires to be the world’s premier co-creation platform for software engineering.

Nature of Disruption: SoFlu can implement sophisticated programming logic by dragging components, eliminating manual code in the traditional development mode by using visualization in software development. It can ensure that the code meets the standard specification and is of high quality while lowering expenses and enhancing efficiency. SoFlu, according to Shenzhen, has increased labor efficiency and contributed significantly to software development automation. SoFlu claims to serve hundreds of companies and institutions across eight industries, including banking, health care, and retail.

Outlook: Because the software business is so reliant on humans, it is inefficient and produces low-quality software. Only by resolving these existing challenges will businesses be able to go forward with digital transformation. SoFlu intends to transform the industry through software development automation, which can contribute to the wider trend of the digital wave.

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