Concept: California’s IT management and security solution startup Syxsense has launched a unified endpoint-security management solution named Syxsense Enterprise to provide real-time vulnerability monitoring and remediation for any endpoint in an organization’s network. It aims to combine patch management, vulnerability scanning and remediation, and mobile device management (MDM) into a single centralized console.

Nature of Disruption: Syxsense Enterprise aims to help the IT teams use the cloud to manage, detect and secure all endpoints with visibility across desktop, laptop, server, and mobile devices. It enables control over every endpoint device on the network and allows customers to instantly secure business-critical resources and streamline security operations. The endpoint security management platform is built upon a workflow automation platform called Syxsense Cortex. It replaces the necessity for sophisticated remediation scripting with an easy-to-use editor for designing remediation workflows. The platform provides prebuilt remediation procedures for active threats and also makes the process of creating workflows easier. It can also detect software vulnerabilities in both the operating system and third-party applications, as well as misconfigurations caused by open ports, deactivated firewalls, and inadequate user account policies. The platform’s MDM solution enables users to manage devices running on various OS (operating systems) such as iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It provides all the tools required for device enrollment, inventory and configuration management, application deployment and rollback, data containerization, and remote device lock, reset or wipe.

Outlook: Currently most endpoint solutions require multiple tools, agents, and consoles to address the combined threats of security misconfiguration, unpatched vulnerabilities, and software upgrades. Syxsense claims that the new unified platform combines the tools required to keep endpoint devices up to date, allow remote management of endpoint devices, and detect and remediate security vulnerabilities from a single console. In March 2021, Syxsense raised $6 million in a funding round led by Oquirrh Ventures and Origami Capital Partners. The startup aims to use the funding to expedite the development of new features for the platform and to recruit new talents to the team.

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