Concept: American company Targus has launched UV-C LED (Ultraviolet C Light-emitting diode) Disinfection Light which is UL 962 (Underwriter Laboratories) certified, the standard for safety for household and commercial furnishings. It aims to provide a safer and more hygienic work environment for people.

Nature of Disruption: UV-C LED Disinfection Light uses UV-C LED and automation technologies to deliver a safe and consistent, no-touch solution for reducing germs with UV-C light. The UV-C LED Disinfection Light’s AC-powered light turns on and runs for five minutes every hour to break down the DNA of microorganisms on device surfaces within the active disinfection area beneath the light. It is designed to stand on the desktop and can effectively eliminate up to 99% of pathogens on device surfaces within the active disinfection area beneath the light. It also incorporates a built-in auto shut-off safety function that uses motion sensors. The UV-C LEDs get automatically disabled if any motion is detected within the safety zone, outside of the active cleaning area, or if the device detects any activity within the safety zone. The light then resumes its disinfection cycle after five minutes of inactivity.

Outlook: Questions about sanitation, germicidal characteristics, and UV devices are more important than ever before in the COVID-19 crisis. When so many new goods are entering the markets of lighting, appliances, consumer products, healthcare, and more, safety issues around the usage of UV illumination and radiation are crucial. UV-C radiation is disinfecting and has a wide range of applications in business, hospital, and consumer contexts. UV-C has germicidal properties, depending on the dose of exposure, and on the other hand, it poses substantial health hazards, requiring precautions to be taken. In today’s remote and hybrid work situations, the Targus’s UV-C LED Disinfection Light claims to be the ideal, automatic, low-maintenance solution for maintaining a cleaner and more hygienic desktop. It plans to make UV-C LED Disinfection Light available on the company website and through authorized resellers starting in February 2022.

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