Concept: India-based IT company Tech Mahindra entered into a strategic partnership with communication-collaboration platform to launch global remote collaboration solutions for enterprises. The alliance targets to define ‘Future of Work’, allowing smoother alignments of teams with respect to efficiency.

Nature of Disruption: By leveraging AI and ML, the solution enables hassle-free meeting experiences with video conferencing facility, backed up by automatic speech recognition, real-time collaborative notes and calendar recommendation engine. This user-centric architecture will capture the core aspects of the meeting, the agenda, action items and moments and added search, helping users easily understand what happened in a meeting without perusing over notes to get the key information. The partnership can help the teams to align better with respect to efficiency, transforming the meeting experience from planning, taking observations to customizable personalized data insights and integration across all enterprise applications. The partnership will infuse Tech Mahindra’s domain-specific digital capabilities across multiple industries and verticals with’s enterprise-scale meeting collaboration platform, to enhance remote collaboration capabilities for enterprise customers.

Outlook: Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the future of work will be more agile, remote and digitally transformed and will demand delivery of an experience that is not only as close as an in-person experience but also is productive and delightful. This Tech Mahindra and partnership is expected to help leverage the next generation technologies to deliver an advanced collaboration experience and immersive engagement for all global customers.

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