The latest generation of GEA’s Cookstar oven, powerful new technology for the mass production of roasted, breaded and smoked products, also offers food producers cost savings on their energy bills compared to the equipment’s predecessors. The newly improved airflow and dynamic climate control also makes it possible to produce a higher output and significant savings on steam.

GEA’s CookStar 1000 Gen 3 provides an extremely accurate, high-performance solution which pushes the art of cooking to produce even more of what the food industry and the consumer wants. Including, succulent roast chicken, mouthwatering smoked BBQ ribs or a wide variety of delicious, coated vegetarian, seafood or meat-based products. The high level of control means that these products can be cooked in a way that ensures reproducible results time after time.

Generating up to 25% more heating capacity than its predecessors through improved heat exchanger technology, the CookStar 1000 optimises the flow of air through the oven for more targeted cooking and consistent browning, reducing any waste caused by over cooking. An enhanced impingement zone gives a higher air volume for greater cooking impact and efficiency.

Whilst this latest technology is capable of generating extra heating capacity, which translates into increased throughput, it‘s the ability to accurately control the cooking parameters that is making the GEA CookStar the increasingly popular choice for food processors. The CookStar 1000 is the only spiral cooker on the market which can dry, steam, cook, roast and smoke products in a single machine.

Reducing heat and steam loss

The combination of optimized airflow, climate control and the dynamic exhaust system ensures very efficient cooking only using energy exactly as and when it is needed, reduce heat and steam losses, increasing sustainability.

The dewpoint within the cooking zones is managed precisely by injecting steam or introducing fresh air. The significantly improved air flow allows the cooking zones to operate independently, with a dewpoint difference up to 40°C and a temperature difference up to 200°C between the 2 zones. This allows almost infinite variable control of the cooking conditions within the oven for maximum flexibility and cooking precision, meaning that a wide range of products can be cooked using the same equipment.

Ben Kop, GEA’s Application Technologist, says: “Oven technology is evolving. We have added more functionality and a dynamic exhaust system that offer significant reductions in energy consumption. We can maintain a very high humidity within the oven without excessive steam injection.”

GEA’s CookStar 1000 is allowing food processors to ensure that their production lines remain flexible. The increased use of ‘intelligent’ systems is giving manufacturers the ability to control distinct parameters according to changing consumer demand, whilst still ensuring high productivity, sustainability, reliability, and total security of outcome.

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