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Packaging firm Amcor Flexibles has introduced the Vodex Generation II, a new barrier liner for cereals and other bag-in-box foods.

A successor to the original Vodex, which still used by dry food producers, the new liner offers improved easy-opening, puncture resistance, better packaging machine performance and opportunities to downgauge customer film requirements.

The Vodex Generation II also includes all the values of the original liner, such as avoiding mineral oil hydrocarbon (MOH) migration and offering recyclability, breathability and aroma and flavour retention.

Amcor Flexibles Europe and America food and beverage vice president Amy Byrick said that the new liner helps protect the food from external sources of contaminants.

"We believe Amcor Vodex Generation II is the most complete and cost-effective solution to today’s marketplace needs," Byrick added.

Independent studies have revealed that products packed with Amcor Vodex protective material are less exposed to mineral oil residuals compared to those which are packed in alternative solutions.

Amcor has also invested in new technologies at its extrusion facility for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products in Cumbria, UK.The company offers a portfolio of packaging solutions for products that provide better protection for products and meet the needs of consumers.

Image: Amcor Flexibles’ original Amcor Vodex bag-in-box liner. Photo: courtesy of Amcor Limited.