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Sustainable barrier coatings: Reducing waste in food packaging material

With increasing demand for more sustainable packaging, brands and manufacturers are seeking to reduce the amount of material used for food packaging and lessen the environmental impact. Yet, especially in food packaging applications, there is a need to preserve the food by protecting it against elements such as light or oxygen that may degrade it. Traditionally film layers such as EVOH have been utilised to provide this barrier. However, these films may negatively impact the recyclability of the packaging. To solve this issue, coatings specialists Siegwerk and Henkel have partnered to develop a sustainable oxygen barrier coating for food packaging. We learn more about the project.

Closing the loop: How shrink sleeves can boost recycling of plastic bottles

Shrink sleeves are increasingly appearing on more plastic bottles, offering many benefits for branding and improving recyclability. We take a look at the advantages of the shrink sleeve and how using the correct materials is vital for recycling and reusing packaging waste.

How biorenewable inks can help increase circularity in packaging

The packaging industry is facing demand from consumers to use more eco-friendly materials, but this is far from straightforward. Petrochemicals have provided the basis of essential packaging materials for decades. However, a series of small measures can make a big difference, with biorenewable inks providing a sustainable alternative.

The route to 100% recyclability

Achieving 100% recyclability in packaging materials should be the goal of all manufacturers seeking to meet environmental demands from consumers and contribute to net-zero targets. We speak to Siegwerk to find out some of the obstacles and solutions in ensuring that packaging is fully recyclable.

Innovation at high-speed: container filling machines

Newtec’s High-Speed Container Filler (HSCF) has been designed for speed and versatility, in response to client requests for a solution capable of achieving higher capacity across a variety of products and packaging materials.

What is the best flexible packaging solution for food products?

It may seem like a simple question, but the answer to what is the best flexible packaging solution is a bit more complex. Primoreels explains more.

Q&A with Newtec: Innovators in potato sorting machines

Newtec provides a portfolio of highly innovative solutions for potato sorting and visual inspection, deploying technology such as cameras that inspect products during processing to eliminate any spoiled items.

Maharshi: High-performance packaging and printing machines

Indian company Maharshi provides high-performance machines for labelling, printing, visual inspection and leak testing for a number of industries. In North America, its exclusive distributor is Daiichi Jitsugyo (DJA). We talk to DJA vice-president Rusty Nelson about these specialist machines and what sets his company apart from others in the field. 

Cutting carbon footprints and boosting recycling with PP lids

The packaging industry is facing increasing demands from consumers to eliminate plastic from products. It is however unlikely to be a viable option for a sector that is reliant on the material. 

Parle: Machines for bottle packaging, tablet printing and tube filling

Parle is a leading global manufacturer of machines for tablet and capsule printing, tube filling and bottle packaging. In the US, DJA acts as its distributor. DJA Pharma VP and general manager Rusty Nelson speaks to us about these high-performance machines and their capabilities.