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Laura Husband

Inside Packaging Magazine: Issue 10

In the latest issue of Inside Packaging we find out how the industry is making products stand out on the shelf from design-led branding, new colour software and advances in technology to appeal to the growing male grooming market, avoiding the pitfalls of re-design and the art of anti-design with plain cigarette packaging.

Inside Packaging Magazine: Issue 9

In the latest issue of Inside Packaging we find out how the industry is boosting sustainability, from bioplastics and dissolvable materials to extending a plastic beer bottle’s shelf life and Walmart’s eco-packaging scorecard initiative.

Perfect match: brand promotion with packaging and social media

UAE-based Gulf News recently teamed up with Tim Hortons coffee to create the ‘headline cup sleeve’, designing a printer that pulls breaking news tweets from the newspaper’s Twitter account and prints them on cup sleeves, along with quick response (QR) codes. Laura Husband takes a look at the campaign and finds out how packaging and social media can come together to promote a brand.

Packaging lightweights – ultra-light and thin packaging innovations

Amid constant financial pressure and consumer demands for greener and more sustainable packages, the packaging industry is in a constant battle to save on costs and production materials. Laura Husband explores some of the most exciting sustainable lightweight and ultra-thin packaging innovations of 2012.

Inside Packaging Magazine: Issue 4

We explore the latest trends in food and drinks packaging and find how new technologies help to improve shelf life and consumer appeal.