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“Game-changing” thermoforming processes set to reduce plastic waste

Thermoforming using multi-layer plastic film is a safe and effective method of keeping food stuffs fresh and protected, but mixed plastic is difficult to recycle. Can new technology reduce plastic film use by 25%, use mono materials and recyclables, and still cut costs?

Upskilling the food sector: from innovation to global mobility

Paula Kirwan, General Manager – Australia (East) at Brunel Australasia, addresses how innovation in the food sector is changing the game for the workforce of the future.

Newtec answers the six questions every customer has about investing in fruit and vegetable weighing machines spoke to Newtec to answer some of the frequently asked questions that every customer has before investing in automatic weighing technology.

Circular economy in the packaging industry: the case of Societé des Eaux de Volvic

A need to preserve product quality and protect the environment led Societé des Eaux de Volvic to invest in SMI’s ECOBLOC® ERGON integrated system.

Three in one solution: product picking, container placing, box sealing…pack ready!

The latest investments in R&D made by SMI have led to the development of a new range of case packers suitable for manufacturing RSC boxes: ACP packers.