It has become rather common knowledge that eggs can be used as a natural two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Eggs work as a cleaning agent because of the lecithin they contain. This trend has recently been tapped into by CavinKare from India, the manufacturer of an egg white shampoo that comes in distinctive packaging.

The egg white shampoo, branded as Chik Protein Solutions, comes in an opaque white bottle in the shape of an egg. It has a flat base, providing stability, and a dispensing aperture at the top, covered by a closure with a hinged flip-top domed lid. A finger recess under the lid line and a small protruding lip at the front of the lid help the user to open the pack. Decoration is delivered through a printed full-length shrinksleeve covering the entire bottle body.

“By using packaging that mimics a real egg the manufacturer instantly delivers the message that this hair shampoo brings the goodness of egg white protein that can result in thick and healthy hair,” comments GlobalData packaging analyst Pawel Urban. “The egg-shaped bottle is quite unusual alongside competing products and very distinctive in the sector.”

The white colour of the pack helps to mimic an egg shell and the hinge and protruding lip at the front of the lid are small and discrete so they do not disrupt the streamlined contours of the pack, which greatly contributes to the positioning of this egg-based product.

“In addition, a small bottle is travel-friendly and fits comfortably in the hand, so its flip-top opening can be easily operated by a thumb,” Urban adds. “The shape of this bottle is very eye-catching at retail and may be seen as cute by consumers.”