Ageing population is a social-demographic challenge for manufacturers operating in the FMCG market, which also opens opportunities to differentiate their offering. Brands should align their products with the needs of consumers which have never been marketed before.

From a marketing perspective, for example, GlobalData’s 2016 Q3 global consumer survey has detected that older shoppers are more sceptical about marketing or health claims promoted on packaging if compared with the younger cohorts. Indeed, the reliability of consumers on health claims made by brands on pack is an attitude decreasing by age.  Labels on pack contribute to drive the product choice of more than half Millennials, while the appeal declines to just under two-fifths in the age segment 55+.

The finding may suggest that “better-for-you” product launches in recent years have been more appealing to younger consumers by using familiar, eye-catching marketing claims. Hence, in an effort to build-up a trustworthy communication with seniors, brands should redesign their packaging selecting, for example, simple claims which guide and inform older consumer shopping about the beneficial credentials. Using the visual impact of pictures on the pack may also contribute to create a silver-friendly customized portfolio.